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The Man Behind The Man Threads is none other than serial entrepreneur Robert White.  

Robert has started many businesses in the last 10 years, some successful and others not so much but it was his access to New York Fashion Week that gave him insight into the fashion world! 

"The more I learned the more excited I became. I love a good challenge and starting a clothing brand in a saturated market and becoming successful is exactly the type of challenge I live for!"

Realizing that most of the boutiques and clothing options in my city are for women, it was a no-brainer to create a line specifically for men, but how would I let my audience know it's for them, well easy, put MAN in the name! 


The Man 


Legendary Status, Legendary Style!

Our Story

The Man Threads is a masculine, brand for the modern-day working man. This brand was created as casual wear for all men of all professions. The blue-collar, the white-collar workers, and the CEOs can all represent The Man Threads as their brand of choice in casual wear. 

We Made a clothing line so comfortable for men that we guarantee your girlfriend, wife, or FWB will steal it! 

The Brand

The Man Threads was Established in November 2022, in Corning, New York. If you are from Corning or know someone that is, well we made a pretty special T-Shirt to commemorate where we started. Check it out! > CLICK HERE


Become a GOAT! It's simple really, just purchase your favorite Man Threads Gear and post a picture of yourself wearing it and tag us! We will share your picture here and you are in, that's simple, BE A GOAT! 

The Goats

The Goats
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