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If you are an influencer and you want to make money wearing and promoting awesome clothing, you came to the right place!


Social Influencers are the new celebrities of our time and with your influence comes great power. A power we want to tap into and in the process share the wealth with you!


Become a social influencer and influence your audience to support our brand and we will give you a flat rate commission directly into your pocket every time someone purchases from The Man Threads using your unique promo code. 

Here is what you need to know beforehand...

Social Influencers are amazing people and we love working with them, but sometimes we send products to them and they don't post. I know, who would have thought? 

So we decided if you want to be a re-seller with The Man Threads then you will have to invest to get your business started. Now don't get worried, it's not as bad as you think. 

If you want to be an influencer with The Man Threads, fill out the form below to apply. The form will send us an email and we will respond to said email and give you a top-secret code that will only be good for one use. 

You will use that code to DRAMATICALLY discount your order with The Man Threads.


Then you go to the website within 24 hours and make your purchase, add in Tax and Shipping and use your DRAMATICALLY discounted promo code and you're done!


Your Threads are on their way!  

Once the clothing arrives, you go do your thing! get creative and post awesome content on your social media accounts showing the product(s), tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok and we will share your posts! 

You get shared, you get followers, your promo code for sales is known to your followers and ours and you and US become Best friends that make money together! 

The more your fans and followers spend, the more you will make! 

So, go ahead, stop reading and fill the form out and let's get things started! :) 


Thanks for coming to check us out, What is your Name? *

You have to be over 18 to work with us, so dont be shy, tell us , How old are you? *

What is your primary social media platform? *

Why are you interested in this role? *

To be a Social Influencer with us we have one requirement, you will have to purchase an item(s) at a 50% Discount. Is that something you are able to do? *

After you fill this out we will want to touch base, So what is your email address? *

We might need to call you to learn more about you, So, What is your phone number? *

Your getting close to the end, but tell us, Do you want to recieve special emails from us that we send out to our Social Influencers? Sometimes these might be sales contests with fun insentives. *

Thanks so much for applying, all you have left to do is hit that Submit button and if we want to work with you, we will email or call! 

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Your content has been submitted

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